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Mafia City APK game for android mobile is one of the most thrill games. A good strategy in the game helps you to hold the city under your mafia control.
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22 Oct, 2022
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Mafia City APK game for android mobile is one of the most thrill games. In the game there are most exciting features and levels available which makes the game much popular.

The basic theme of the game is to take control of the city. You can only get benefits once you control over the mafia gangs in the city. There are different mafia gangs are active in the city and they trying to reach the optimum level of the mafia, but you need to be act more cleverly and patiently. The game need wit and time to manage your level.

Initiate to control smaller groups and make you army large. Complete each level to take control. This needs more efforts and work Moreover, once your army start growing you need to act as thief rob the bank multiply store and plazas. Collect the cash and spread among the group of gangs.

You can steal everything from the opponents and enemies. There are big malls to collect the ammunitions and money. you can choose what is best to create chaos in the city to do that collect or steal luxury cars and ignore something unusual just bang the city and make yourself powerful.

Turn the city of light into darkness and get the best weapons and groups and emerge your gang as one of the powerful gangs in the city.

Collect the high speed and luxury cars and race them with your friend and impress the city. Explore new area of babes and keep them with you and go to date with them. These are passes to collect more attention in different gangs.

There are also more features available in the game which you can explore in the next levels, you will face more difficult positions of your gang. The mafia city will not keep silence. They will attack your army and your groups. Your best strategy can make new way to the success.

The game has real time enhancement. The HD and 3D experience will make your efforts more impressive. You can zoom in and out the screen to take quick results.

The new technology in the game has new era of engagement and this will helps you to make new groups and you will experience to engage groups in the field.

You can recruit different crew members in your gang. You can also include shooters which are helpful to shoot the target without wasting a single second. The modified and luxury cars in the game will attract your group to others and the bikers are very active to take crew from one place to another. The bulkers are also key to the success. The automation weapons and the outfits for the members are also available in the game as new crew.

There are also different updates available in the game. You can also explore these feature in the game. You can download Mafia City APK through the link below and enjoy the game on your android mobile phones and tablets.


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