How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone

How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone

Having more than one phone line is no longer rare today, saying two SIM cards in the same phone, are becoming more popular. You can ask to use Whatsapp for two phone numbers on the same cell phone. Fortunately, a couple of solutions are available.

The limitation is not in your terminal even in the mobile network, it is a limitation merely software that WhatsApp Inc. download has integrated into your application. We show you the OGWhatsApp application developed by OsamaGhareeb and published in XDA-Developers that will allow you to use two numbers from a single device in WhatsApp.

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OGWhatsApp is an application that works as a generic WhatsApp controlling an account while the official WhatsApp application would be the one that manages our secondary account.

This mod is free and in reality, it is very simple to install and put into operation thanks to the tutorials that its creator has posted on XDA and on its official website. First of all, it should be made clear that the two applications work at the same time, that is, two numbers are not managed from one App. OGWhatsApp will be used to send messages from the “old” number (the one we had been using on the phone) and WhatsApp, the official one, with the new number (the one we want to add).

How to use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously

Make a backup of the messages from WhatsApp. We recommend that you back up your current chats on WhatsApp before you start adding new accounts. To do this we go to the Settings, Chat Settings and click on Save conversations. Then just use a file browser to make a copy of the “WhatsApp” folder.
Rename the / sdcard / WhatsApp folder on your terminal to / sdcard / OGWhatsApp
Uninstall WhatsApp. Download the latest version of WhatsApp.
Install OGWhatsApp from the developer’s website and WhatsApp from Google Play. Enter your normal account in OGWhatsApp and with the new number in WhatsApp.
Verify your original account from OGWhatsApp and the new one from WhatsApp
At this point, you will find two icons on the main screen. Through them, you can easily manage the two WhatsApp accounts with two different numbers, but with the same conversations.

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Connect WhatsApp with another phone number

It may happen that you change your phone number, but you want to keep your WhatsApp account with your old number because there you have your contacts and they continue to relate you to the old number. The solution to this is very simple.

Put your old SIM card in another phone.
On your phone (with new SIM), make a backup of your WhatsApp conversations.
Uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it.
When you open it for the first time, it will ask you for a phone number for registration.
Enter your old number.
If all goes well, we will get the verification code to the other phone where we have our old SIM card.
We enter that code in our phone.
This method will work as long as the old SIM remains active.
In this way we will have our existing messages and conversations in OGWhatsApp and we can enjoy the advantages it offers such as being able to watch videos online without downloading them (via a player such as MXPlayer) or view the images directly from WhatsApp servers without needing to download them to our terminal.

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