Download Candy Camera APK V4.0.5 Latest Version

Download Candy Camera APK V4.0.5 Latest Version

If you are a selfie geek then you always need a good camera app in your smartphone. So we have given a detail description of the Nomao Camera App. If you want to read about Nomao Camera App then Click Here. Today we have come up with a new camera app. Its name is “Candy Camera”. Candy Camera apk is the best alternative of Nomao Camera App. It provides other unique features which Nomao App does not offer. But Candy Camera Apk does not have the X-ray and magic feature of Nomao APK. So if you want to try something new other than these features of Nomao App then you can go for Candy Camera App.

Candy Camera App for android: Details

App Name Candy Camera App
Operating System Android, iOS
Minimum Requirement Android 2.3.3 or later, iOS 8.0 or Later
Download Size For Android Approx 46 MB, For iOS Approx 65 MB
Latest Version V 4.05
Last Update January 19, 2018
Licence Free
Offered By JP Brothers

Candy Camera APP: Features

The Candy Camera Selfie:

  • Candy Camera APK offers a large variety of filters. These filters have been specially designed for selfies.
  • It has a user-friendly interface. You can swipe left and right to change filters.
  • The filters of candy Camera App are for real-time. So you can apply the filters while taking selfies.
  • This camera app enhances the beauty of the picture. So you can get a picture-perfect selfie anytime anywhere.

Beauty Functions:

  • Candy Camera App provides a picture editing tool like whitening, concealer, lipstick, eyeliner, blush etc. Through it, you can do more beautification in your picture.
  • This app also has a make-up sticker. If you want then you can use this also.


  • Candy Camera Apk offers stickers for every occasions and trend.
  • The updations in sticker collection are very frequent. So you can have a huge collection of stickers.
  • Each sticker can be easily resized and moved using multi-touch.


  • With this camera app, you can create a beautiful collage of your images.
  • This APK has many different grids and styles. You can choose any of them.
  • You can also take selfies with candy camera’s collage mode.

Silent Camera:

  • With this feature of candy Camera APK, you can take silent selfies, snapshots or pictures.
  • This feature will not let to know others about the selfies you are clicking as it does not make any sound.

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Candy Camera Old Version

  • 1Candy Camera Version 4.04
  • Candy Camera version 4.02
  • 3Candy Camera version 4.01
  • Candy Camera version 3.99
  • 5Candy Camera version 3.98
  • Candy Camera version 3.92

Candy Camera Online: Final Verdict

So this is all about Candy Camera App. It is the best camera app for all the selfie freaks. You can click a beautiful photo every time with the help of this app. This app has in-app purchase features. In this in-app purchase, you would get Candy Camera Pro version with more amazing filters, grids, frames and make-up tools. You would also get a sticker pack of 42 and 35. Thus download this app for free in your Android and iPhone devices and get the best selfie of yours every time.

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