Cinema Box iOS HD App Download for iPhone & iPad

Cinema Box iOS HD App Download for iPhone & iPad

If you are an iOS user then this article on Cinema Box iOS HD App Download for iPhone & iPad is the right app guide for you. Cinema Box iOS is the special version of the Android intended for the use of iOS users.

This app is the mother of all TV programming apps that are available in the market right now.

Cinema Box iOS on your Apple iPhone or iPad device allows the users to enhance their movie-watching experience to a different level. This great app ahs already rocked the Android platform and is now here to serve the iOS users.

If you want to know more about this great Cinema Box iOS app and what you can do with it on your iOS device then continue reading this article.

Cinema box iOS HD Download App

With Cinema Box iOS you can watch your favorite movies, special programs, or cartoons too on your iOS device for free.

This app simply searches your favorite channels and streams it at an incredible speed to bring uninterrupted entertainment for its users. Mobdro App is available for iPhone users.

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how to install Cinema box on iOS.jpg


There were certain issues related to the download of Cinema Box iOS App on your device but most of them are now resolved. We have come up with an updated method to help our readers to get through the process easily. but first, we will have to go through some of the facts.

Cinema Box iOS is not directly available on Apple’s iTunes app store as of yet. There is one app with the same domain name but it is not the official Cinema Box iOS app. So, we have to com up with an alternative way to run the Cinema Box iOS version. Follow the steps properly else you may face errors like “kicked out of the account” or “User Blocked”.

Cinema Box iOS

Here is a series of steps that may get the Cinema Box iOS working on your device. Get Mobdro for iPhone from here.

  • To get your Cinema Box iOS App, first, you have to sign out of your iTunes account. For this, you will have to open the settings of the app store and select the ‘sign out’ option given.
  • After finishing that, Open your device browser and copy this link there and press enter: “Cinema Box iOS HD App
  • On the page, you will see the app version details and requirements.
  • Select the “install” button there and wait till the systems download the files. When you click install, the browser will prompt the permission box. Accept it and then proceed.
  • Cinema Box iOS will install automatically on your iOS device.
  • After installation is complete, launch the app from there.
  • On start-up, the device manager will pop up with authentication to sign in to your iTunes account.
  • Simply select the “cancel” option there.
  • Now, a new log in details will overwrite and there you need to type a new Cinema box username and password.
  • The app will launch with the content in a normal way.
  • If you still do not get through when you select cancel to sign in, then try to switch off your iOS device first. Then reboot and launch the app again with a new password.

We are confident that by following this method you will be able to easily start up your Cinema Box iOS version. Remember that the link given above will probably open only on the Safari Browser of iOS devices.

If you are using another device then you will not be able to proceed from there.

Cinema box HD iOS Alternatives

Cinema box HD iOS Alternatives

Despite the working steps given above, iOS devices sometimes fail to integrate with the Cinema box app. All the issues are in progress to be resolved but may take some time. We know that time is really valuable to people and hence, to help our readers, we have come up with some of the best alternatives to the Cinema Box iOS for your device.

In this section, you will find the apps name and few features that describe the apps that we recommend as an alternative to the Cinema Box iOS app. Now we know that the iOS platform is the least flexible one, hence many apps fail to integrate with the iPhone and iPad. Here is a list of apps which are compatible with your iPhone or iPad and serve the same purpose as of the Cinema Box iOS app.

  • PlayBox HD App:

    • Highly recommended app which is intended for the entertainment lovers.
    • Supports both Android and the iOS environment.
    • Displays High Quality and High definition visuals on the screen of the users device.
    • iOS users can download the Playbox HD app in a similar way they download the Cinema Box iOS.
    • Easy search module to look up for desired programs.
  • MegaBox HD:

    • This app is also a decent movie streaming app for iOS users.
    • The content in it updates daily to bring all the latest entertainment media for its users.
    • Easy search module for its users to confine the search results according to the popularity, genre, or rating.
    • MegaBox HD supports free content downloading. The users can directly download the content after previewing the print and audio quality of the video. It makes it best alternative of Cinema Box iOS
    • High-quality graphics in all media content through this app.
    • Also supports Chromecast for connecting to the TV sets.
  • Popcorn Time:

    • Popcorn Time is specially designed for video streaming the videos as the BitTorrent client.
    • There is no subscription fee to avail the contents of this app.
    • Provides the updated prints and movies lists for users upon recommendation.
    • Various classical TV shows and programs can be found using the app. The reason behind calling it the best Cinema Box iOS Alternative.
    • Safety against malware is utmost present while using this app.
  • MovieBox:

    • Is a special app for iOS users.
    • Allows the users to enjoy free movies or videos without going through any problems.
    • Plays content in all types of format like; Mp4, Flv, Avi, and Mkv.
    • Additional download features are provided in this app. MovieBox App is also the best alternative to Cinema Box iOS.
    • Easy connect to the TV through the LocalCast app.
  • Crackle:

    • Gives unlimited movie watching experience.
    • On-demand movies and shows cast for iOS users on their devices.
    • HQ visual streaming through the decent internet connection (3G or Wifi)
    • Further, the user can create a favorites list on the app platform. We can do that on Cinema Box iOS app also.
    • Easily compatible with all iOS devices with iOS 7 or above.
  • Hulu:

    • Loads of TV content available on your fingertips using this app.
    • Supports Chromecast to transfer the visuals on a better and larger screen.
    • Create a ‘Watchlist’ to view the programs when you want.
    • Provides more content than other streaming apps. This is the latest alternative of Cinema Box iOS App.
    • Full seasons of all top TV shows and programs available on this app.
  • Hub Streaming app:
    • The users can download their favourite shows and movies on their device and watch them later when they wish even without an internet connection.
    • Also, you can switch the video player to MX Player or V player or any other according to your choice but the content will come through the Hub Streaming app.
    • Sharing of video links is possible with this app.

Hence, from so many alternatives, you should be able to grab the app of your choice. As we said that the issues with Cinema Box iOS are going to be solved and soon we shall update this information accordingly for our users until then our readers who are iOS users can opt for these alternatives.


Finally, to the end of this article on Cinema Box iOS HD App Download for iPhone & iPad, we hope that the method given in this article worked for you. Now you can easily enjoy free movies and videos using the Cinema box iOS on your device. If you wish to send in your feedback please write to us at the Cinema Box HD.

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