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0.47.5 (13698)

Age of Apes APK is free of download. The game is compatible for android mobile phones and tablets. The game hold excellent rating.
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Oct 14, 2022
0.47.5 (13698)
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Human lives are going to end in the world and monkeys are ready to rule the world. Age of Apes APK is a game for android mobiles phones. In the game you need to prepare as monkey and find the bananas. If the world with no humans than where to find the bananas. In the Age of Apes monkeys launch rockets in the galaxy to find the bananas.

Age of Apes is real fun game with lots of plots in the levels. There are more gangs of monkeys in the world. You need to explore the galaxy as well as to try to be safe in the gang war. These monkeys are try to take control in the world to explore galaxy by controlling the land. Your duty is to protect the world and fight with the monkeys.

You can also make gangs in the war. You can create your own clan to explore the new world. Be the first monkey to explore the galaxy pick more bananas and show the power you have. Each point you won in the battles you will get rewards and gifts. These rewards and gifts empower to explore more power and helps you to build more armies to fight Age of Apes.

You need to build your own army and clans. Therefore, you need to take every chance to make yourself powerful. If you want to be leader in the age of apes, so, only a powerful army take you to the next level. Make allegiance with other share your social experience and make them to join your army.

There is live TV channels to promote and report your success in the Age of Apes.  These programs will show your performance and powers to others. This tool will helps emerge your troops and join others as well.

In the game you will steal fight and make your rockets more powerful to launch in the space. Once you get the way to space you will explore more new world of expectation with more challenges and powerful rewards.

There are more than five hordes in the game you need to join one of them and enhance their strength.

You need to protect and enhance the last power you gain the game and make them to reach your destination in galaxy.

Fistful fights with winning plans will be getting better in different levels, therefore, Fight with others hordes and clear your path to make yourself powerful.

Good strategy in the game will make you good leader, Therefore, Loot other resources and plan to collect all other resource to your clan.

Plan to dominate other monkey tribes and gangs. Your plan will give them chance to join your force.

The better way to increase your army of apes is to communicate others with fully devotion and plans.

The interface and UI design of the game amazing and it is compatible for all android mobiles and tablets.

If you think that you’re the monkey who build whole new empire in the galaxy, then go with the Age of Apes APK. Download in your android mobile phones and tablets.


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